Sandbox Startups

The Sandbox ecosystem was created with an aim to provide a nurturing environment that can foster social innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Sandbox Startups Incubation is a unique initiative of Deshpande Foundation that serves as a concentrated hub of activities for budding entrepreneurs. The Sandbox Startups Incubation supports these entrepreneurs through different programs, events and initiatives. The Sandbox is an ecosystem where entrepreneurs transform their innovative
ideas in to successful enterprises. This ecosystem developed by Deshpande Foundation over years comprises experienced mentors, network of resourceful people,
successful entrepreneurs, innovative products, government and policymakers, investors and financial institutions. Through these catalysts Sandbox startups has
created necessary environment for startups to achieve the scale that may not be possible otherwise. The ecosystem is a ready living laboratory for those
who want to shape their innovative ideas and solutions.

How Do We Make It Work?

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Sandbox Startups Incubation Programs: Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) is one of the successful programs run by Sandbox Startups. The incubation program strongly supports social enterprises but the overall portfolio of enterprises supported is across sectors. The customized program is designed to suit needs of every entrepreneur. The EIR program started in 2008 to help first-time entrepreneurs make their dreams come true. The program aims to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs with a vision to build scalable and replicable business models creating employment and wealth for the society at large. It provides a ready platform for entrepreneurs to test and pilot their ideas in tier II, tier III cities of India regions with ample challenges and opportunities.

EIR engagement enables entrepreneurs to:

Sandbox Access- an ecosystem where entrepreneurs receive feedback and mentorship at various stages of business development from experts,
Financial Seeding- funding during the initial period of enterprise formation.
Market Connection- Exposure and visibility through events like Development Dialogue, TiEcon and Framework for Scalable Development Impact.

Our Impact

The sandbox startups Incubation is continuously evolving and spreading its reach across regions by partnering with different conglomerates with similar motives to foster entrepreneurship. Its success lies in impact made by startups on the lives of millions.


Ideas supported


Startups incubated


Annual growth(2X)


Employment generated

Mentorship Support

  • Ongoing Support from 100+ Mentors
  • Customized Mentorship Support from Domain Experts
  • Business Diagnostics

Development Programs

  • Access to Business Training Programs, Experts Seminars, Event & Educational Resources
  • Access To online and Off-line Library


  • Access to Existing Database and Networking of Deshpande Foundation
  • International Trade Network
  • Linkages to Strategic Partners
  • Publicity and Marketing Assistance

Financial Support

  • Access to Venture Capitalists
  • Accessing Commercial and Non-Commercial Loan Fund
  • In-House Investment Funds
  • Information on Lines of Incentives of Incentives and Financing


  • Office Space, Co-working Space Cafeteria
  • Dry or Wet Space as Per Needs Conference, Meeting Room, Shared Administrative
  • Shadow Boards, Store Room Specialized Equipments as Per Needs

Information Technology Services

  • Computers / Laptops as per Needs
  • High-Speed Internet and Projector
  • Free Domain Space / Websites
  • Legal Service
  • Information Technology Development Support

We are located at:
Sandbox Startups (Foundation for SandboxStartup Initiatives)
Next to Hubballi Airport, Opp Gokul Village, Gokul Road,
Hubballi, Dharwad, Karnataka - 580030