We have only one passion, The rise of a great nation.

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Nirmaan Organization is a Non-Government and Non-Profit Organization committed to work for poverty free, knowledge powered and economically empowered Nation by focusing on providing education and livelihood opportunities for underprivileged people.

How Do We Make It Work?

Nirmaan believes that it is the fundamental right of every child to be educated, and it is education alone that can bring about social change. Apart from education, a person also needs a livelihood to at least cover his or her basic needs. The creation of livelihood opportunities for deserved and motivated but underprivileged and unemployed people is also a must to push the growth engine of the economy. Hence, Nirmaan believes that education and a livelihood opportunity are the basic necessities that any citizen must acquire so that poverty, which is a recurring problem, no longer harasses the society. It is for this reason that Nirmaan works to provide such basic necessities for society.

We have seen some amazing life changing stories of student callers from Nizamabad, Medak & Karimnagar areas from the calls which has grown three folds within a span of 1 year.

Key projects apart from Vidya Helpline

School Adoption Program (SAP):

SAP aims to convert backward rural and urban Government schools into Model Schools in terms of infrastructure and academic performance. 4560+ students from 12+ schools across 4+ states are benefitted through this program.

Vocational Training Center:

With the aim of empowering women economically, Vocational Training Centre started off on May 23rd 2010. It trains the BPL (Below Poverty Line) women in 3 different vocations namely Tailoring, Bag making and Embroidery. A total of 300+ women, entirely housewives, have been trained so far with each woman earning an average of Rs.3000/- per month.

Nirmaan Scholarship Program (NSP):

NSP aims to provide monetary help and mentoring support to the meritorious but financially constrained students to pursue their professional degrees.

Initiated in 2008, NSP so far has been able to help 180+ meritorious students to overcome the financial roadblock in pursuing higher education, which their talent rightfully deserves.

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