LEAD Summit 2017

LEAD Summit brought together 400 delegates, including students, faculty and esteemed guests to discuss the way forward
for youth innovation and entrepreneurship.

Power Talk

kakatiya sandbox lead summit 2017 mentor Mr.Srinivas-Kollipara-from-T-Hub-Hyderabad
Mr. Srinivas Kollipara from T-Hub Hyderabad addressed the LEADers about entrepreneurship and his organization, currently the largest startup incubator in India.

kakatiya sandbox lead summit 2017 mentor Mr.Prashant-Lingam-founder-of-bamboo-House
Mr. Prashant Lingam, founder of Bamboo House shared his entrepreneurship journey. His company crafts unique things out of Bamboo. He also discussed his other startup 'Recycled India' which collects plastic and rubber waste to create new products.

kakatiya sandbox lead summit 2017 mentor Mr.Prashant-Lingam-founder-of-bamboo-House
Sudheendra, Founder of Belong also inspired students with his talk. His startup Belong is an outbound recruiting platform which uses big data and artificial intelligence to help companies find top talent faster & engage them with personalized interactions.


Kakatiya Sandbox LEAD Summit 2017 speach by Satya Phanindra Alumni-AmazonThe first session of the LEAD Summit was the LEAD Talk, an opportunity for five stand¬out young people and one faculty from the LEAD program to share their stories on stage in front of full auditorium of 400+ participants. Hailing from across Telangana, these young leaders inspired the audience of not only their peers, but their elders too. Featured leaders were Satya Phanindra (Alumni, Amazon Employee), Srujan Mara (Alumni, Uber Employee, Pictured Above), Pavitra E (Nishitha Degree College), Sumiran Nagla (Nishitha Degree College), Niharika (IIIT) & Jayanth Reddy (Nishitha Degree College).

Kakatiya Sandbox LEAD Summit 2017 speach by sudheendra founder of belongNirmaan CEO Mr. Mayur Patnala spoke to LEADers about his organization's career development programs, including the Vidya Helpline which offers telecounseling services. He spoke about the importance of youth in attaining development, and encouraged his young listeners to be united in their quest to make positive societal change, and to come forward together to solve community problems. Afterwards he conducted a team-building activity called "Chak Dhe India" which drew energy & unity from the crowd.

Project Showcase

Throughout the day at LEAD Summit, over 15 of the top LEAD projects of the year were exhibited on the event grounds. Proud LEADers talked to their peers, entrepreneurs, and faculty about the positive impact they were making in their communities.

Award Ceremony

Kakatiya Sandbox LEAD Summit 2017 speach by sudheendra founder of belong LEADers performed a flash mob and created a energetic environment among the audience before the start of LEAD Award Ceremony. LEAD Award ceremony was hosted by Mr. Absar Patel, where Best LEADer & Best performing college awards were given by Raju Reddy, Phanindra Sama and Naveen Jha. Harinath of Mahatma Gandhi University won "Best Social Project" for his Medical Camp project. Harish Kurella of Vijay Rural Engineering College won "Most Innovative Technical Solution" for water his tank overflow alarm, and Ram Kumar of Sri Sai Raghavendra earned the "Most Active LEADer" award for his 22 projects. Jayanth Reddy of Nishitha Degree College accepted the award for "Best Supporting & Performing College", and Niharika and Jyothi of IIIT Basara received the "Most Promising College" award.