Development Dialogue

Development Dialogue is an international social entrepreneurship ecosystem conference hosted at Nizamabad, Telangana by Kakatiya Sandbox. Development Dialogue brings together numerous social entrepreneurs as well as those who believe in and are involved in creating ecosystems to nurture social innovation and entrepreneurship. The conference is attended by participants from for-profits, not-for-profits, global visionaries, impact investors as well as local communities to share proven models, innovations, and transforming perspectives.

Development Dialogue Theme

The Theme for the 2017 Dialogue is 'Scaling Effectively'. Once a social innovation idea has proven itself, it needs to scale in order to significantly disrupt the problem. Scaling up is a challenge with a multitude of factors testing the organization's managerial skills, capacity, ambition and finally, commitment towards making a meaningful difference in the lives of many. It can only succeed if it is done effectively and is creating the intended impact.

The Dialogue aims to demystify the 'what' and 'how' of Scaling Effectively through Inspirational Keynote speeches, Insightful panel discussions, Informal round table sessions and Engaging field visits.

Past Speakers 2017