Bollant Projects Private Limited

To overcome employment barriers for more than eighty million challenged people, and to provide sustainable and
competitive employment to disabled people with and without education in India.

Kakatiya Sandbox Partner Bollant Projects Private Limited Staff Working

Plastic and Styrofoam products are an increasing source of pollution in India. At the same time, Indian farmers generate millions of tons of agricultural waste. Another area of concern is the lack of employment opportunities for India's eighty million disabled people.

Bollant is a social entrepreneurial company established in December 2012 to manufacture high quality customized eco-friendly disposable consumer products and overcome employment barriers for more than eighty million challenged people. Societal barriers, discrimination, lack of main stream educational opportunities, poverty, lack of awareness, lack of assistive technologies, and other barriers prevent disabled people from entering into competitive career fields and leave most under- or uneducated people without access to jobs.

Bollant solves these problems in one elegant solution: make reasonably priced eco-friendly products using recycled paper and agricultural waste, by employing disabled people who cannot thrive anywhere else due to the severity of their disability or lack of skills/education, and help eliminate plastic and Styrofoam pollution.

How Do We Make It Work?

Bollant Projects Private Limited is a company that has come into existence in the year 2012 and within a very short time period, we have achieved a position for which, we are visualizing for. Started business as a partnership owned firm, we have involved ourselves into manufacturing and supplying a huge assortment of Printed Paper Cups, Disposable Paper Cups, Wrinkled Paper Plates, Printed Disposable Plates, Packaging Films, Disposable Cups, Disposable Plates, Paper Plates and more.


Working with 20 clients

4 to 5 lakhs transaction per month

Bollant has grown tremendously since its inception. It plans to increase its revenue by up to 5 times this year, employ 50 more people and set up 6 new machines,
making it one of the most remarkable enterprises in the Kakatiya Sandbox.

We are located at:
Bollant Projects Private Limited,
Kiran Myee (Marketing Executive),
Plot No. A28/1, IDE, Road No. 15,
IDA Nacharam. Landmark, Behind GVK Bio & Bharath Kanta
Hyderabad - 500076, Telangana, India