The Beauty of Entrepreneurship is the Empowerment it Brings: Dr Deshpande

The magic of entrepreneurship is that it unfolds new territories in one’s persona, and empowers people to do extraordinary things. It expands the horizons of one’s capacities and helps to fully exploit hidden capabilities within a person. Beyond leading to financial stability and revenue generation, entrepreneurship opens up new possibilities within a person’s potential, according to Sandbox founder, Dr Desh Deshpande.

24454674740_dce4ce2ca9_zDr Deshpande was speaking at the keynote session of the Development Dialogue at Nizamabad when he dwelled on the benefits of entrepreneurship beyond its revenue implications.“The beauty of entrepreneurship is that it opens up a lot of capabilities within you that you didn’t have. Ability to take on a mission and do something makes us feel like our own capabilities are expanding, he said.

The Sandbox itself works on cultivating an entrepreneurial vigor among the people it works with. While fostering entrepreneurship is intrinsic to Sandbox programs such as Startups, other initiatives work on building a can-do attitude and proactive problem-solving approach among participants.

According to Dr Deshpande, the aim of Deshpande Foundation was to instill a spirit of entrepreneurship among people to make them realize their true potential.”When we were thinking of doing something good through Deshpande Foundation, we realized that the biggest gift we could give to the people was to make them feel that they were a lot more capable. It is to make ordinary people do extraordinary things.”

“I am a big believer that you have to create opportunities for experiential learning in entrepreneurship. Once people experience the rush of entrepreneurship, it is just so empowering that people will do nothing but be entrepreneurial. The thing about entrepreneurship is: every year when you look back, you can say: I didn’t know I could do that!”Dr Deshpande had earlier said in a television interview.

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