Asadeep : Providing Employment to Disabled People

To avail employment opportunities in India is a big challenge for physically challenged people. Technology has reached new heights, inventing many intelligent devices and equipment that aid disabled people but a large section still remain unemployed. Societal barriers, discrimination, lack of mainstream educational opportunities, poverty, lack of awareness, reach to assistive technologies, and other barriers prevent disabled people from entering competitive career fields and leave most uneducated people without access to jobs.

Aasadeep is a social entrepreneurial company that is trying to solve this problem by overcoming employment barriers for more than eighty million challenged people. It solves this problem by giving a solution to yet another big environmental problem- pollution. It manufactures high quality customized eco-friendly disposable consumer products and reducing the use of plastics and styrofoam products that are the major cause of pollution. It makes reasonably priced eco-friendly products using recycled paper and agricultural waste. Established in December 2012, it has partnered with Kakatiya Sandbox to help disabled people get employment.

kks-7Born blind, Srikanth shares, “When I was at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), I had two options before me. One was to settle down in the US and lead a lavish life, or fight the system. I suffered back home. I chose the latter. That’s the quality of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs need to have a vision and be willing to sacrifice. We realized that most companies in India were not hiring disabled people. We started Aasadeep Projects.”

Started business as a partnership owned firm, the company is involved in manufacturing and supplying a huge assortment of printed paper cups, disposable paper cups, wrinkled paper plates, printed disposable plates, packaging films, disposable cups, disposable plates, paper plates and more.

Srikanth also shared, “We aim to provide employment to over 80 million disabled people in our country by 2020. Indias consumer packaging industry is over $30 billion. We have 5 plants across India, employing around 450 people and 60% of them are disabled in some way or the other. It is very satisfying. Social entrepreneurship is all about impacting the broader world.”