Kakatiya Sandbox : Impacting Districts of Telangana

The progress of community development in rural India is still slow-paced and ignored most often. In tier-2 and tier-3 cities, people face many challenges in their daily lives but are unable to avail good opportunities and a platform to solve these problems. A problem-solving approach is the need of the hour and this has to be adopted by each individual in order to make India a better place. This approach requires an entrepreneurial rigor while solving the problems and creating solution-models.

16In line with the idea, Kakatiya Sandbox is co-created by Raju Reddy (Sierra Atlantic) and Phanindra Sama (redbus.in) that aims to empower the districts of Nizamabad, Karimnagar, and Medak in the state of Telangana. Inspired and replicated from the Hubli Sandbox model, it works on a bottom-up approach to build scalable solutions for community problems in the areas of healthcare, education as well as agriculture. It is based on the concept of creating an effective ecosystem where resources are put to use through entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability.

Through an array of programs, the Sandbox engages with not-for-profits, academics, non-governmental organizations and entrepreneurs to launch effective and scalable models of development that can empower semi-urban and rural youth with the leadership and skills necessary to manage their own social enterprises and become the change their community needs.

Like Raju Reddy says, “There are two main aspects to what we do. It is the bottom-up form of social development. It means, unless people living in rural areas are a part of the solution, development is not going to be sustainable. Secondly, it brings the rigor of the for-profit world and the entrepreneurial mindset to addressing social challenges.”

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