Kakatiya Center for Social Innovation launched during their Development Dialogue


IT Secretary of Telangana, Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Kakatiya Hub of Social Innovation, Deshpande Foundation
IT Secretary of Telangana, Mr. Jayesh Ranjan (4th from left) launching the Kakatiya Hub of Social Innovation. (L to R: Naveen Jha, CEO, Deshpande Foundation India; Jaishree Deshpande, Founder-Trustee, Deshpande Foundation; Raju Reddy, Founding Patron, Kakatiya Sandbox; Dr. ‘Desh’ Deshpande, Founder-Trustee, Deshpande Foundation and Phanindra Sama, Founding Patron, Kakatiya Sandbox)

The Kakatiya Sandbox, the 2nd Sandbox to be launched in India after Hubli, hosted its 2nd Development Dialogue at Nizamabad on February 5th 2017. The day-long conference with 250 delegates and 50 speakers was an inspirational event promoting the sharing of innovative ideas and approaches to development.Delegates at the Kakatiya Sandbox Development Dialogue included representatives from for-profits and not-for-profits, global visionaries, impact investors, as well as local communities, to share their innovations, transformational perspectives and proven successes.

The IT Secretary of the Telangana Government, Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, launched India’s first social innovation center — The Kakatiya Hub for Social Innovation during the Dialogue. Jayesh Ranjan said the Hub, funded by the Telangana government and implemented through the Kakatiya Sandbox will function like a rural incubator to encourage entrepreneurship at the grassroots level.

Deshpande Foundation Field visit. Rainwater farm pond providing critical irrigation for crops in rain-fed lands in Kakatiya Sandbox
Field visit: Farm pond harvesting rain water to provide critical irrigation for crops in non-irrigated agricultural lands in the Kakatiya Sandbox region

Since many delegates were visiting the Sandbox for the first time, field visits were organized to introduce and familiarize them to the many high-impact initiatives in agriculture and healthcare. The conference showcased over 15 innovative university student projects at the LEAD Summit. Proud youth LEADers talked about the positive impact they were making in their communities to an audience of over 400 people who included fellow LEADers, entrepreneurs and college faculty.

Topics addressed during the event included leveraging public-private partnerships to scale social impact, ideas for catalyzing the future of Telangana, enabling social entrepreneurship ecosystems, challenges on scaling effectively and the role of information and technology. The concept and approach of integrating audience participation as part of the forum is highly valued as it enables peer-to-peer dialogue and learning, as well as encouraging and promoting Development Dialogue to discuss and empower sustainable development, starting at the grassroots level.

The Keynote panel included Jayesh Ranjan (IT Secretary,Govt. of Telangana), Dr. Krishna Reddy (CEO, Care Hospitals), Ramji Raghavan (Chairman, Agastya International Foundation) and Dr. Anjini Kochar (Director, India Program, Stanford Center for International Develop) who educated the audience on why it takes all stakeholders to join forces to scale solutions. They stated that governments are going to be the single most critical constituent that is integral to scale significantly, while the corporate sector and social enterprises are instrumental in bringing innovation forward. A primary objective of the panel was to capture the potential value of public-private partnerships in the context of the newly formed state of Telangana.

Kakatiya Sandbox, Deshpande Foundation, Development Dialogue, Nizamabad
A section of the audience at the Development Dialogue

Development Dialogue is fundamentally advocating and promoting your opportunity to expand networking with local enablers, gain insight from professionals, and to collaborate with financial linkages. We appreciate all who came out to this years event and encourage you to continue to follow the Kakatiya Sandbox on social media so that you can stay informed about the many inspirational and innovative projects implementedthroughout the year.

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