LEAD Vidya: An initiative to educate the underprivileged children



Every human being needs oxygen to survive as well education too. It gives the people knowledge and skills they require. Education is a fundamental right, which leads to achieving the goal of “Education for All”. There are still some areas where the education is not importance. LEAD Vidya, an initiative step of LEADers from Kshatriya college of engineering under the platform of Kakatiya sandbox. This is a project to spread the education among underprivileged children, who even don’t avail the basic education properly. The project main motto is to make the students join the school and get educated. Today education is the most important tool you can receive, which bring you most success in society.


The team visited a slum area in Gupanpally, Nizamabad, where there is a huge deprivation. Parents are not even in a position to provide proper education to their children. Even children of small age and many dropouts are working as a laborers along with their parents for the source of income. By understanding this situation the LEADers took a start to educate the children by conducting spoken English classes, presenting many motivational ideas , communication skills, creativity, arts&sports classes in 2-3 hours daily per day. The team distributed the old books which was donated by the community.

32294213_1341943365937962_9210608381893541888_nOn the first day, no one is ready to pay attention for the LEADers but on the next day, nearly 30+ students came forward to gain knowledge and skills and it was a great change in mindset of the children. The team gave house to house awareness about importance of education in life and convinced them to join their children in government school. Parents realized the importance of education with the help of LEADers and agreed to send their children to schools.
This was a great achievement of LEAD Vidya team and hope this project may cover all the areas where the students are unable to get the basic education.