Project Showcase

Akshara Deepam Project

Satya Phanindra

VREC College

Kakatiya Sandbox lead Akshara Deepam project - VREC College

Leader Satya Phanindra - VREC, College, Nizamabad, has taken up an initiative of Akshara Deepam project he had conducted a survey on overall 38 families of Vengal rao nagar colony and found most of them are illiterates.

He had submitted a letter to Mandal Education officer (MEO) and District Education Officer (DEO) Mr.Srinivasa Chary also to the District Collector, Magistrate Mr.Ronald Rose. To take an immediate action soon after that officers taken action of providing Healthy Elementary School and Adult Education in such areas for the progress of literacy rate. Also assured that they will identify other such areas of the district to fix the problem.

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