Agastya International Foundation

Agastya is a movement led by entrepreneurs, educators, scientists, teachers and children to revitalize and transform primary and
secondary education in India and provide an affordable education model that can be replicated anywhere in the world.

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Agastya International Foundation is a Bangalore-based non-profit educational trust that seeks to stimulate and transform the thinking
of economically disadvantaged children.Agastya does this by bringing innovative science education to the doorstep of Government schools in various states of India.

How Do We Make It Work?

Kakatiya Sandbox Partner Tapping into the valuable resource of bright but underprivileged children and teachers in rural India

Tapping into the valuable resource of bright but underprivileged children and teachers in rural India, we provide an environment, in which they can tinker, create, seek solutions and find them. We encourage inquiry from children, who are inquisitive by nature. When you get to the HOW of Agastya, you reach the place where we roll up our sleeves and dig in, shoulder to shoulder. Whether globally or locally, training teachers or teaching children, raising funds or raising awareness - there is work to be done.

Science center

Hands on science activities for students from Govt. schools and Private schools.
Training for students on fundamental leadership traits and peer teaching

Mobile Lab

Visits Govt. schools teaching science in a hands on way.
Science behind superstitions

Our Reach






Community members

Agastya International Foundation has collectively impacted around 1 lakh students through one mobile science lab, one science centre, 5 operation
Vasantha centres and Young Instructor Leader program.

We are located:
Agastya International Foundation,
101,Varsav Plaza, 12 Jaymahal Main Road,
Bangalore - 560046, INDIA.
: (+91 80) 41124132
: (+91 80) 23545054.